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The “efficiency of the road operation” and the “road safety” are a first common target in the scope of the project, but also other items such as intermodality, environment ,safety and new services, including in particular the services for the traffic of heavy goods vehicles, are reaching high priorities and need to be addressed. Road safety should be covered in the most complete way.

Italy and Greece have road networks terminating in special interposal nodes, as Ports (Ferry connections, international and internal) and Airports (airline connections, international, domestic). The new technologies can support not only inland transport but also cross-border links in such complex situations, where roads have not direct connections. The complexity of the situation requires a step by step approach where consideration of sea motorways has to be taken into account.

The first steps of the project will be concerned with:

• New and traditional services
• Management of crises on the network
• Level of deployment

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Easy Way project is designed to become an efficient platform which will allow coordinated and combined deployments of pan-European services on travellers and road users.