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The DG TREN of the European commission has launched and supported euro regional projects as an action of support for the deployment of the Trans European Road Network (TERN). Greece, South of Italy, Romania and the southern corridor and areas toward east are missing and European Institutions seem to be positive about the definition of such a new project covering the missing areas, as a completion of the frame in which to develop its policies for seamless and safer ways for transport.

Particularly in the next years two crucial actions will be:

- To deploy the new technologies for safety and protection of the environment
- To promote new services on the main sections of the Trans-European Road Network (TERN)

In the European Union transport framework, the South East road transport network is heavily conditioned by the maritime connections between Italy and Greece and Greece and the Balkan and other eastern countries. While substantial traffic flows interest these areas, particularly for tourist purposes, the need to assure some form of continuity among the two road systems is felt as of primary relevance.

The corridors covered in this proposal are composed of the following nodes, where the motorway systems are tied through the North-South–East links:

French border – Torino - Milano – Bologna - Ancona - Pescara - Bari - Brindisi - Patras - Korinthos - Athens - Larissa - Thessaloniki - Eastern Countries.

French Border – Genova - La spezia/Parma - La spezia/Parma - Florence - Rome - Naples - Bari Brindisi – Thessaloniki - Eastern countries.

Sicily – Greece – Eastern countries.

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