ITS - Intelligent Transportation System

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ITS is the acronym of Intelligent Transportation System. ITS describes the application of a series of modern technologies (such as sensing, analyzing, managing and communicating systems) to ground transportation with the goal of improving both safety and quality or road usage. ITS covers multiple types of applications that analyze and share data to optimize the traffic management and enable the public to use the road transport networks, with improved speed, ease and safety.

We have to clear out that for European Union, Intelligent Transportation System actually refers to applications and technologies that are implemented in the sector of road transportation, affecting ground infrastructure, motor vehicles and road users. It also covers systems that improve the traffic control and vehicle flow on modern road networks. After all, the purpose of Intelligent Transportation Systems is to optimize a wide variety of transportation factors, in order to improve the quality of road services for the public.

ITS may have a positive effect on multiple types of applications and services like easier and faster toll collection, traffic light connection and coordination, and provision of informative systems for the road users. Also, Intelligent Transportation Systems can improve the travellers experience throughout a broad spectrum of applications like automated ticket management, advanced telematics services and traffic monitoring.

In the future, advanced systems and modern applications, that will be implemented in most automobiles, will be in position to provide through Intelligent Transportation Systems accurate map and guidance services, on time traffic control and automated toll collection to improve european road networks.

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